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With over 25 thousand chrincal pain healed patients, Dr Stephen Cavallino has graduated medicine and emergency surgery in Bologna, Italy.

His career starts at the end of the 90s as a First aid worker with USL in Coreggio, and since 1990 is a member of the Order of doctors in Ferrera.

Through the years Dr. Cavallino has been a clinic instructor and director of a prolotherapy courses in different parts of the world – Italy, Honduras, USA, Mexico, Greece.

Right now

Dr Cavalino currently has a private practice and doctors office for pain relief treatment in Italy: Ferera, Rome, Rejo Emilia, Forli, Palermo and Udine.

“Years ago I was rather skeptical about the effectiveness of prolotherapy. After thorough insights and years of experience abroad with my colleagues, I have come to know and appreciate this new method, simple and effective treatment that produces remarkable results. Prolotherapy is an effective treatment that provides excellent results with little danger to the problems of chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system. As a doctor proloterapista, advice to all those people who suffer from chronic pain to consider this treatment as an alternative to traditional therapies.
Prolotherapy is a really sensational discovery ”

Dr. Stephen Cavallino


Voluntary work

Dr. Cavalino works with American Hackett Hemwall International Physicians (HHF) physicians who work in poor countries 2-3 times a year: Mexico, Honduras and the Philippines.

At these sites, they offer treatment for chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system through prolotherapy and neuro-proletherapy for the weak.

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